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Thursday, 22 November 2007

A Girly Girly Day

Just what the Dr ordered LOL! These last few weeks have been quite stressful with one thing or another but today on my day off. I actually had a day off - Usually I spend it cleaning or paying bills etc.... But today Cath, Charlene and I had a girly day and went Scrapbook Shop hopping - and we had the nicest coffee at guess where? McCafe of course. I dont really like their burgers but I had the new $1.95 Snack Wrap it was really really nice and of course the Scone with Jam and Cream went down a treat. Yesterday I dropped my glasses on the bathroom floor (trying to find them I knocked them off the bench) and just like a cartoon, it was smashed in the middle of the lens! So I couldn't see or anything - I am blind as a bat and my Optometrist didn't have any contacts in "Blind" strength on hand BUT he did give me some close to my prescription! My correct ones that I had ordered of course arrived today! Last night I went to Shannon's dance concert (she is my friends little girl) OMG she was soooooo cute, I have some photos before she went to share later (just have to check with Shell if ok to post them). She won a trophy (they all do) and do you think she would let go of it for one micro second - No way - I think if she was allowed to she would have slept with it LOL........ anyway I am off to get my "Big Boys" from School, (my baby was sick today!) will have some photos soon.... Luv Jen

PS ( Sharon Manning dropped in my book I won on her website (check it out here) it is such a great book - Ali Edwards new one, thanks again Sharon)


Anonymous said...

Yes it was a great day Jen, thanks to you and Cath! We must do it again soon xx

Anonymous said...
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