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Sunday, 15 July 2007

School Holidays

WELL you can tell it is school holidays, not many of us are posting!!! I have broken my camera! My screen is broken and you cant tell what you are looking at. Anthonys friend said it is just my LCD has been lent on and should only be about twenty to thirty dollars to fix. Has anyone else had this?and where do I even go to get it fixed. We had 17 kids on Friday at the shop for a five hour crop, we were prepared for a wild day BUT the kids were excellent, I think my three make more noise mucking around than they did! Talk to you soon, take care and have fun Luv Jen xxx


vicki said...

Hi Jen

In regards to your camera- u should be able to take it back to the shop where u bought it from (or anthony did) and they send it back off for a repair- u miht even get a new one.. its got a warrenty of year- and should be stil under warrenty. Thats what happened to mine (just not the screen).. it shouldnt matter what the problem is (as long as its not water damage) u should be covered still.
It took me 6 weeks toget mine back..

hope that helps

luv vik

Jenny said...

It is not a fault of the camera, so it wont be covered.

Cath said...

I hope your baby boy has a wonderful birthday today....and I hope you have another camera to document it.....
love Cath xx

Cath said...

You don't have to thank me Jen that's what friends are for....
Love Cath xx