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Thursday, 7 June 2007

Yes - Its true!

This is my boy SHAVING... Oh my god its true, only his mow at the moment (full face can wait till he has more hair!) This is just not happening, His beautiful smooth face is going to be covered with hair. Yes I know it is a part of growing up, but denial is a wonderful thing, yes he is taller than me and Anthony, He is 5ft11", yes he takes size ten mens shoes, yes he wears Mens clothing ..... BUT HE IS ONLY 13! Of corse I HAD to take photos (before, inbetween and after)This is a moment to scrap!Bye for now ladies, I'm taking a valium and going to bed, hahahahahahaha, LOL Luv Jen xxx


ATCLindaB said...

and then one day you will wake up to the sound of the grand kids :)

Cath said...

Enjoy every minute of it Jen...It's just another step for him.

Sharon Manning said...

Gosh Jen, your babies are growing up, just like mine are. Gemma is 13 on baby no more. We can not be there to protect them all the time but guide them and make sure they know right from wrong, even if others don't.
Looking forward to catching up at length at the crop, take care.

Cath said...

Jen email me at
Cath x

Cath said...

Jen that's terrible about what happened to poor Lennie give her a big hug from us. Might pop in to see you tomorrow I need a few things. We are having a cybor crop this weekend starting tomorrow night.
Cath xx