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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A Year (or so) Ago !!!

This is a photo of my beautiful "Big Boy" on his 18th Birthday
(Named so as he is the oldest of three and mega mega tall !!! )

Is there ever a time when you look at your own children and see them
as Adults ??? - I dont think there is ! 
This 6ft 4 tall wonderful "Man" is one of my Sons, one of my babies
he used to fit in my arms and on my lap !!!! 
 I gave him his belly button for goodness sake! 
Now he works and drives and has a wonderful girlfriend and
has heaps of friends and goes out and makes up his own mind !!! 
(MMhhh!!! he has been doing doing that since he was about TWO!")

I just have to say I am so very PROUD of the man my MICHAEL
has beome - even If I do see a four year old cheeky boy when
I am talking to him with a crooked neck from looking up LOL !!!

A Mothers Love .....
Is Limitless
Is Timeless
Is Tireless
Is Unconditional

Next month Steven turns 18 ! 
"sigh" how am I ever
going to cope ?!?!?!

Thanks for calling by
Jen xox

PS( that title is a new one coming out from Dusty Attic VERY soon)


Cindy Gay said...

What a great photo and you did a lovely job scrapping it. Priceless!