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Friday, 17 October 2008


Why? WHY? why? havent I been blogging - a number of reasons actually.

Like everyone else I have been busy with life in general, work, boys, house etc etc.

I dont get to my computer very much at home as I have 3 males that hog it! and blogging at work - well!!!

I havent been taking photos of my creations of late either - why take a photo to post IF I cant even get the computer!

When I can get to the computer it is usually late when boys are tucked up in bed and who wants to blog then?

I have not been well either, my friends know why and it is not something I want to go into on "Blogland" but lets just say I am feeling much better now and am getting back to my old self. Perhaps now my "creative inner juices" may flow a bit better now and I can get back into creating!

I have been going to Friday night crops though and love them, and I have def been doing my Design Team stuff for Scraptivate. ANd I have been doing the "SHE" classes with Audrey Underwood every second Wednesday night and this has really been my godsend as I am excited again about getting into my scrap room and letting rip!!!

I have however let slip the ATC swap over at Sharon and I am sincerley sorry about this girls - I have all of your work now (thanks Mistra) and will be sorting out the swap this weekend - SO keep checking your Mail boxes next week girls! and I promise to keep up to date in future xxx


I will take some photos of my "she" book over the weekend and post them.
and Blog again soon

Luv Jen xxx


Mel Connell said...

I can't wait to see your pics Jen!!!

btw, still creditless. poor mel. Talk soon!!!



Sharon Manning said...

Good to see you back here Jen!
I'll look forward to seeing your SHE and don't stress too much about the ATC's - take your time.