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Friday, 24 October 2008

My Friend Shelley

I would just like to tell you about my darling friend Shelley.

She is one of the kindest, gentlest, giving people I know. She also is a great Mum to the Princess and the Prince (Shannon and James)

Her job of being a Mum has stretched out to limits us "normal"mums would not even understand!

Her sweet little boy James has very very very bad food alergies which he nearly died from. She has to carry an epi pen everywhere with her, and anti histamine (dont know about that spelling) as just being in contact with something another child/adult has touched with food on their hands and he has touched can make him sick. Not to mention she packs his bag carefully with food he can have, in containers used only for him, which have been washed separetly from everything else.

We "normal" mums cant even fathom the intense pressure of watching out for this kind of harm is put on Shelley and Steve (and even Shannon watches out for her brother) (she is only 5 though!)

He may be a child with alergies but he is still a little boy who loves to be with friends and kindy just like everyone else - AND WHY SHOULD HE BE ANY DIFFERENT???

So when something happens like THIS I think she has every right to be upset. There also should be more attention given to all alergies not just "nuts" !!!

I would like to say that Shell, I know you are only doing what every mum would do - protecting your child from any dangers BUT I would like to say you are an exception person who semmingly takes this in her stride even though I am sure you have shed a few tears in private. I LOVE YOU and am proud to call you MY FRIEND.

So when you read this tell your friends and family etc and get awareness raised a little bit more to us "normal"mums

Luv Jen xxx


vicki said...


Thats such a nice thing to say Jen..



Thank you Jen. I have updated my blog with the results of phoning the library. Now everyone in the City of Swan needs to email the council to change the rules. Thanks Vic.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, well said Jen.
Hope all is well with you Jen, see you next Friday!
Love Char xx

Cath said...

I thoroughly agree!! well said Jen.
and to ya Shelley....see you all Friday. xxxx