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Thursday, 29 May 2008

What are you looking at ???

This is Steven's bee sting after a few days !!! YES, you should have seen it before!It was soooooo swollen and you cant tell in this photo BUT really really red and burning hot! after a few days of Palaromine I ended up taking him to the Dr as it wasnt getting better - $55 (and as fast as) I was told to swap him to ZYRTEC, well the swelling went away and not so red and not hot anymore BUT it seems to have tainted his skin and he has a mark there now - maybe in time it will go!!! - Every time he gets bitten app it will get worse - I hope he never finds out.

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Char said...

Whoa, how awful, I hope he is feeling a bit better now.
Is tonight still on? Give me a ring
Love Char xxx

Alli said...

ouch Jen Alec reacts like that too and it leaves a mark for up to a month, it almost looked like a shadow and his skin gets really tight and hot too. with him being only 6 we are at the phenergan stage still but it does the trick