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Sunday, 25 November 2007

A Massive Day!

Today we did heaps of things, starting with of course cleaning

Yes My teenager vacuming!!! Followed by Bowling.....

My Hubby in action..... Followed by Sizzler.....

Followed by the beach......

I got some great photos of the boys at the beach, I cant wait to get them printed to scrap! I was playing with the settings on my camera (just like Kim suggested) and some of them are really nice. So we are all really tiered now and ready for bed!!!
Got to go make sandwiches for lunch for tomorrow now.


Char said...

What beautiful photos Jen! Your day sounded so wonderful. There is nothing better than your own family!

Cath said...

There awesome Jen.....well done chicken. Looks like you had a wonderful day....just what the doc ordered.

You know you don't have to thank me you are a dear friend and a friendship I value heaps.Remember day or night
Love ya to
Cath xx

Jenny said...

Thanks gals xxx (and you of corse Forrest) ..... Yeah I had a much better day than yesterday LOL!

I was so depressed and rock bottom, but today was really good.

Luv Jennai xxx