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Sunday, 12 August 2007

Happy Birthday Michael (for tomorrow)

Happy Birthday to my Gorgeous Oldest Boy... 14 now! and yes he was born on Friday the 13th! (explains alot actually LOL)

I still remember like it was yesterday when he was born. Michael had a tongue tie when little (fixed when he was three!) so he could never say his name properly...Happy Birthday to my one and only Didal Love Mum xxx


vicki said...

They are lovely Photo's Jen...
Cant believe he will be 14!!

I'll be up tomorrow night to see him..

Yes, definately scrapping the photo's of Ben and i

I am glad u got to see your mummy bear..

My daddy is still really sick- they said he might have to go in Hospital but i think he doesnt want to.

See u tomorrow- lots of gossip to tell you :)

xxx vik xxx

vicki said...

Hapy Birthday Michael

Its 7.42am- hope your up!!!!!!

Have a great day birthday boy

Love ya lots

See you tonight

Love vik xxx

Cath said...

I hope Micheal had a great birthday. 14 I bet Jen your thinking where have the years gone!! they certainly grow up far to fast and I would